Sunday, 17 April 2011

'Balletic' by Mizzzzzz S

Balletic, originally uploaded by Mizzzzzz S.

Today we took our little girl swimming as it had been far too long since we’d last been. She was actually a bit nervous at first but then she reverted back to being our beautiful waterbaby. I can’t believe how confident she is in the water. In fact she's far more confident than me as I’m not really great with water at all. I love going swimming but I'm really not a fan of going out of my depth or going under water.

Therefore tonight’s photo is a photo I am sure never to recreate myself. This just looks so graceful - if it were me I'd be kicking around like crazy trying to get back to the top. The little line of bubbles is a great capture but what is even better is the reflection on the surface of the water. Fantastic underwater photo.

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