Thursday, 21 April 2011

'Happy Easter!' by Polkadotandplaid

Happy Easter!, originally uploaded by polkadotandplaid.

Well Easter is here at last. Doesn't it just feel like it's really late this year? I kept having to check my calendar to make sure I hadn't missed it! The weather forecasters are saying that the sunshine is planning on sticking around for the extra long weekend too. I think a barbecue might just be in order. Better get up early tomorrow and head to the supermarket for burgers and buns before they all sell out as I'm sure there will be lots of other people with the same idea!

Obviously I was going to celebrate this holiday with a seasonal photo and what better than these really pretty eggs. It's a lovely photo and I just love the pastel colours.

So, Happy Easter all you fabulous people. Hope you all have fabulous weekend!


  1. They look lovely, very unlike the eggs I used to have to try and decorate when my kids were at Infant School and had to take in a decorated egg for the 'competition'. Ours were always major disasters compared to other other mums' efforts - I'm sure they were all professional egg decorators ...

  2. Happy Easter! Hope you and your family have a great weekend :)

  3. Happy Easter, hope you enjoy the weather - I think you've got our share as it's pouring with rain here in Cyprus!


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