Saturday, 9 November 2013

'The sunshine after the rain' by Me

This weekend my husband and I decided we needed a break. A holiday would be fantastic but as that wasn't exactly possible a family day out seemed a like a good second option. We therefore thought we'd have a day out down in Brighton. It's not that far away from us but whenever we go we always have such a lovely time - today was no different.

When we got to Brighton it was hammering it down with rain. To be honest we really weren't looking forward to getting out of the car. But by the time we'd parked inside and got ourselves back outside the rain had stopped and it wasn't even that cold. We had a great time having lunch (pizza and pasta), shopping (mainly treating the kids to things), walking along the seafront (taking loads of photos) and visiting the Sealife Centre (hugely over priced even with a voucher but worth it because my one-year-old loves fish!).

Here is one of my favourite photos of the day. Even though we didn't get caught in much rain the day was pretty grey. However, when I stopped to take photos of the Brighton Wheel the sky looked like this. I've not edited this photo even a little bit, the sky really was that blue. It looks like this photo could have been taken in the middle of summer.

I also took a couple of iPhone photos today that I really love. I will share those with you soon as well.

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