Wednesday, 27 November 2013

'Sunny Day on the Patio at Mission Rock Resort' by rosemarie_mckeon

Yesterday I told you I might just feature a messy sandwich of some sort. I searched but as I couldn't find one I really liked I thought I would take one myself. So, all in the name of art, I decided to make myself a fried egg sandwich for my lunch today. It turned out to be the least messy fried egg sandwhich I've ever made. Usually I end up with yolk running down my chin when I have this for lunch! But this time even when I cut it roughly in half with a butter knife it all stayed in place and looked rather neat. Weird, because you can usually count on me to be messy!

So, as I have no food related photograph to show you here is a photo I am posting in order to try and warm up. I am freezing at home today and this picture is reminding me how gorgeous summer is. I especially love all the oranges and yellows. Actually I am not sure if this image is warming me up or just depressing me! Hurry up summer, I want you back!

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