Friday, 15 November 2013

'Snowblind' by Jo Bradford

Snowblind by Jo Bradford
Snowblind, a photo by Jo Bradford on Flickr.

This is my 15th post of the month and because it is 15th November today that means I have got half way through this month posting every single day! I am really impressed with myself. I know I set myself a 'blog every day in November' challenge but I kind of thought it would end up as 'blog nearly every day'. I feel really motived now. I wonder if I will actually be able to end the month with 30 posts! *Just doing the quick "thirty days has September rhyme in my head to check there are thirty days in November*.

So anyway, let's kick off the weekend with a photo that just kind of takes your breath away. Well it took mine away anyway. It looks so beautiful in it's simplicity. It also looks rather cold.

Happy weekend everyone!

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