Friday, 11 October 2013

Untitled image by Ramona Nevermind

  by Ramona Nevermind
, a photo by Ramona Nevermind on Flickr.

It's gone all cold. The rain has come. Autumn is properly here now. I intend to keep myself wrapped up warm and cozy at all times - especially on the school run as we all know 3 o'clock is always the time it starts to hammer is down with rain. I also have new snuggly slippers and pyjamas. I plan to stay in these a lot too. Not on the school run though, I think I'll manage to get dressed for that!

Here is a rather warm looking photograph to start the weekend with. I love the fact that when you think about it's actually of nothing just a wall and a floor but it comes alive with those fantastic shadows. What a wonderfully well observed photo.

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