Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'Autumn through my iPhone' by Me

Autumn through my iPhone by PhotoPuddle
Autumn through my iPhone, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I've had my iPhone just a few days now and already I am beginning to wonder how I ever lived without it. Not so much for the whizzy jolly Internet things but mainly because of the camera and various apps I have installed.

Today was a beautiful autumn day so I thought it the perfect opportunity to see what the camera can do. For years now I have walked pretty much weekly through a small wood near where I live. Every time I go over this bridge I think it would make a lovely picture. I have often taken out my compact camera, which I take with me everywhere, and taken a few shots but I am never happy with the results. Even after editing I have never been able to achieve the photo I can visualise in my head. Admittedly I've never tried the shot with my DSLR or anything better than the compact camera or my old mobile phone but I still don't think it would have helped. But today iPhone in hand I thought I would try again to get the photo I wanted. After a bit of work in Hipstamatic and Instagram I came up with the photo above which I adore.

Be warned I am not likely to get bored of my new gadget any time in the near future. Expect to see more iPhone photos published here soon.

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