Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Untitled' by lanabelle

Untitled by lanabelle
Untitled, a photo by lanabelle on Flickr.

As I mentioned yesterday it was my daughter's 5th birthday party today. We decided not to do anything big just a few friends round at our house for a party with food, crafts, games and general things five years olds like to do to entertain themselves. And you know what it was absolutely perfect. I think my daughter was initially a little disappointed that we weren't doing some kind of soft play extravaganza with loads and loads of friends but she really appreciated it today. In fact she told us she loved it.

The biggest hit of the party though was probably the balloons. This is where my husband has been doing a little "I told you so" dance. He really got it into his head that he wanted a helium balloon kit. At £22 I thought this was a waste of money but he couldn't help himself and got one anyway. The money paid off though as all the kids loved the balloons. It was like they'd never seen a helium balloon. I guess they'd just never seen so many in a living room before.

I therefore had to include a balloon related photo with this post. I have chosen this one just because it's really pretty. I love the sparkles.

I hope you've been having a lovely weekend too xxx

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