Saturday, 26 October 2013

'cause baby you're a firework' by {she tells stories}

As a family we always seem to spend our weekends racing around doing things, whether it be catching up with friends, getting jobs done or just getting out for the day as a family. Today was meant to be just like that. More birthday celebrations with family (my little girl is rather dragging her birthday out) followed by an evening at a firework display. Unfortunately due to illness and bad weather both these things were cancelled. At first this was really disappointing but we ended up having a really nice chilled out day at home. We watched a couple of films, I did lots of knitting and the kids plays happily together in a tent made out of dining room chairs and a blanket. In fact, don't tell anyone but, I didn't actually get dressed until the middle of the afternoon. We definitely need to find more time to just chill out as a family like this.

I am, however, a bit disappointed about not seeing the firework display as I was rather looking forward to experimenting with a bit of firework photography. It's only October though so hopefully I might still get a chance before the firework season is over. In the meantime here is a wonderful photo I found. I love how this has been captured. You really feel the energy. It also looks like it would have been a really fun photo shoot!

I hope you are having lovely weekend!

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