Monday, 11 March 2013

'Snow in Preston Park Brighton' by grahambrown1965

Last week I was blogging about how beautiful the weather was and how spring must definitely be almost here. Well today all that went horribly wrong. When I opened the curtains this morning I was greated with snow! It was so unexpected I almost swore which would have been bad as it was my daughter's curtains I was opening. Anyway, it snowed all day today. I'm not kidding, it didn't stop. And it wasn't that amazing, magical snow it was practically a blizzard. The wind was so icy and the snow was literally falling horizonally. And to top it off I had to be out and about all day today so I'm only just thawing out..

Anyway, in the interests of finding beauty in everything here is a very beautiful snowy photograph. It was actually taken in Brighton which is fitting as I believe it is extremely snow there as well tonight.

So to everyone who has snow right now - stay warm. And to the rest of you - count yourselves lucky, this is rubbish weather!

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