Friday, 15 March 2013

'Support Comic Relief 2013 - Donate Today! :)' by Tim Caldbeck

To all of you in the UK will you be watching Comic Relief tonight? I know I will. I always watch it but I it's always an emotional roller coaster. Laughing one minute and then it all goes serious and I find myself crying. The last Red Nose Day two years ago had me sobbing all evening as it made me feel really guilty. I had been stressing loads about our forthcoming holiday to Barcelona. Lots of my daughter's friends had come down with chicken pox and with the incubation period it looked like she might get it whilst we were away. This would mean we'd not be able to fly home and it was really worrying me. But then I watched Comic Relief and saw people dying from Mosquito bites and having to walk for hours every day just to get clean water and it put my troubles in to perspective. I was worried because we might have to stay in a fancy hotel in the lovely warm and sunny city of Barcelona for an extra week. Oh how terrible. I'm not saying my worries weren't justified because as a mother of course you must get concerned by the threat of your child getting sick but it did make me go straight on to the Internet and donate. If you want to donate then you can visit the Comic Relief website here.

Oh and in case you were wondering my daughter didn't get chicken pox, in fact two years on and she still hasn't had it. And the holiday as you probably remember was actually ruined by my stupid head splitting open incident!

And I picked this photo of one of the red noses to use today as it's fabulous but also rather terrifying! Love the use of the smoke!

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