Monday, 18 March 2013

'caution' by joe_engle

caution by joe_engle
caution, a photo by joe_engle on Flickr.

I am so bored of writing blog posts about the weather but I can't help it. I need a place to scream and shout about how cold I am - and today I have been freezing. I got soaked by the rain and hail this morning and I've still not quite recovered. Even now after a hot shower and wearing snuggly pyjamas and a great big hoody I still feel cold. Even this beautiful summery beach photo isn't warming me up. It is lovely though and makes me wish for spring even more. Perhaps it's time to give in and cuddle up in bed under my big duvet and hope that tomorrow I manage to stay warm and dry. It could happen, you never know!

1 comment:

  1. I know I know I know! I keep fantasizing about moving to Florida. I NEED spring to get a wriggle on because these cold grey days are getting to me!


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