Tuesday, 19 March 2013

'11.18.2012' by tontygammy

11.18.2012 by tontygammy
11.18.2012, a photo by tontygammy on Flickr.

I was immediately drawn to the picture as I do rather love the colour purple. The beauty of this picture is the simplicity. I wonder if it was set up or whether the photographer just saw the paint sitting there and took a quick snap knowing it would be a great shot.

This picture also reminds me we need to paint my daughter's room fairly soon. It's currently yellow but she wants it pink. That's fine by me as I don't mind a nice pink girly bedroom however I do love her bedroom yellow. It's so bright and sunny and works really well with all the pink stuff she has in it anyway. Have to think about how we do it so it's pink but not too pink. I think I'll take myself off to Pinterest for some bedroom inspiration.

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