Saturday, 30 March 2013

'Paint' by DodogoeSLR

Paint by DodogoeSLR
Paint, a photo by DodogoeSLR on Flickr.

So how's your long weekend going so far? We've been busy here. We made a spontaneous decision this morning to crack on with decorating our daughter's bedroom so today has been spent buying paint, curtains, lampshades and various other bits and bobs ready to start the big bedroom makeover tomorrow. Fingers crossed we can get the room all done in the next two days as I hate having unfinished jobs hanging over me.

I wanted a paint themed picture to go with my post tonight and when I saw this I loved it. It just screamed 'rebellion' at me! Everyone knows you're not meant to do this to paint brushes. And the red paint just adds to the drama!

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  1. Trying to get back to reading blogs now everything is settling down a bit. Aww I bet your daughter is SO excited about having a bedroom makeover. We did MC's last year and she loved it. Happy Easter lovely xx


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