Wednesday, 7 November 2012

'42::52' by small::bird

42::52 by small::bird
42::52, a photo by small::bird on Flickr.
I love this photo because it's me... Well it's not actually me but it could be. Stripy top and converse shoes appear to be my default setting when it comes to clothes. I never really believed in having a "uniform" when it came to clothes but I do seem to have one. If you peek in my wardrobe you'll find seven pairs of Converse and about a zillion stripy tops of various types. This seems like a pretty chilled out image though and the outfit looks great so perhaps my style isn't too bad!

UPDATE: I just had this post open on my computer and my four year old daughter asked "Is that you Mummy?". When I said no and laughed she said "Well it looks like you, that's your top. And are they your shoes?". I think she has just proven my point!

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  1. This is one of my stand-by outfits too. Can't go wrong with Chuck Taylors.


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