Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'The gap' by woodmaniroc

The gap by woodmanlroc
The gap, a photo by woodmanlroc on Flickr.
I've been watching the best ever programme on TV recently and am so sad it was the last in the series tonight. It's called George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and it's about making places to work, live or relax in very small spaces. I am fascinated by things like this. I can't say I'd liketo actually live in a tiny space like that - I've done my time living in bedrooms and little flats over the years - but i woud love a little place of my own to hang out in. This programme has made me really, really, really want a beach hut. I think I will definitely buy one when I win the lottery (note to self: start playing the lottery).

I love the colours in this beach hut photo. So sharp and clear and the light is perfect. It's really not helping me get over this beach hut obsession of mine!

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