Thursday, 22 November 2012

'The bead box' by Me

The bead box by PhotoPuddle
The bead box, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.
My baby boy is starting to get very mobile. He's not actually crawling yet but he's getting everywhere by rolling and kind of shuffling on his belly. This means it really is time to put all the small things away which is really hard when you have a four year old in the house. I can't believe how many little toys she owns, such as Hello Kitty and Moshi Monster figures, Barbie accessories and of course those annoying little toys that come off the front of comics. I have told her that all these kind of things have to live in her room now but we'll just have to see how that goes! Nap time is very exciting though as it means we are free to get out all the less than suitable for a seven month old activities. Today we had the Lego out and the other day we got busy making jewellery with a huge box of beads!

Here is a snapshot of the beads. I am pleased to say that none of them escaped or ended up in our baby boys little mouth!


  1. I hear you! Yesterday TC was on the carpet dangerously near some Playmobil which I'd asked MC to move. He was chewing something which I thought were his fingers "TC hasn't got any of your Playmobil has he?" I asked MC. "No". Then he rolled over and he was chewing on a teeny tiny Playmobil stereo!

    Needless to say, EVERYTHING that is small is going upstairs this weekend!

    Hope you are okay lovely. Will email you before Monday xxx

  2. What a beautiful collection of beads.
    We're having to put all the little toys away for our new puppy! 8 wks old and full of mischief - its like having a little baby around again!


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