Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Olympic Stadium from the Orbit' by A.W. Martyr-Ickes

Well that's it. London 2012 is over and it makes me sad. I can't believe just how much I've enjoyed both the Olympic and Paralympic games. I must admit I was rather nervous at the start of the Paralympics. I was a worried that it wouldn't be as exciting as the Olympics but if anything it's been more so. I am just amazed at what the athletes have achieved. Who knew you could ride a bike with one leg, play football with no sight or swim with no arms? The term 'disabled' doesn't seem quite the right word to describe these amazing people. They are all perfectly able human beings. And the best thing has been watching it with my three year old daughter. She's been thoroughly into the Paralympics and it's been a fantastic opportunity to talk about disabilities with her. She is so not fussed by how many limbs people have, how they speak or whether they are in a wheelchair. She sees them all as just people. Children are fantastic aren't they?

And here's a fantastic photograph of the awesome Olympic Stadium. I really do kick myself for not applying for tickets. I hope I make it to the stadium one day for some reason or another. I wold love to have look around.

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  1. Ooooh I love love LOVE this picture. The colours are amazing. I didn't watch as much of the Paralympic Games as I would've liked with us being away. It's been a brilliant summer of sport. One things for sure - the Sports Personality of the Year Award will be a tough call this year!


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