Monday, 20 February 2012

'KermitSnowAngel (Honoring Mr Jim Henson)' by David Lee Tiller

Well I spoke too soon on Friday when I said I was feeling rather good as I felt hideous all weekend. Everything was aching and baby seemed to get itself in all sorts of really uncomfortable positions. I also managed to get myself in a real panic that there was still so much to do before the baby arrived but my husband has convinced me we're doing OK really. I feel slightly better today but definitely going to try and take it quite easy this week. I'm already counting the hours until bedtime! Urgh, I so hate feeling this useless as I'm usually an active go out and do stuff kind of a person.

It wasn't all bad this weekend though as we took the little one to see The Muppets at the cinema. It was really good actually and she loved it too. Therefore in honour of The Muppets I have found this super cool Kermit snow angel photo for you to have a look at. It made me smile which is what I needed today! I mean what's not to love - snow angels and Kermit the frog - perfect! I love how bright and vibrant this is. Hope it made you smile too.

I promise I'll try and moan a little less in my next post.

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