Thursday, 9 February 2012

'Blythe beach in the snow' by Swaffs

Blythe beach in the snow by Swaffs
Blythe beach in the snow, a photo by Swaffs on Flickr.

Apparently it's meant to snow again tonight. In fact it could be snowing right now - I just haven't got the energy to move to the window to have a look. As much as I really enjoyed playing in the snow on Sunday, I can't say I'll be overly impressed if we do get more as it's only just started melting from last weekend. I wouldn't normally be such a grump about the snow but the pavements have been so icy this week and as I'm pregnant I'm extra worried about falling over.

Oh well, I guess it means more excuses for lovely snowy photos and this one is fabulous. Love that it's a snowy beach and love the bright colour of the beach huts against the crisp white snow. I think the thing that makes it's most striking is the perspective and how the lines of the huts and the fence meet up.

Right, I'm off to look out of the window as I have a feeling it might have actually started snowing since I starting writing this post!


  1. That's a really gorgeous photo. Love the bright colours of the huts.

  2. Beach huts and snow are way too weird.


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