Friday, 24 February 2012

'Stonehenge' by Me

Stonehenge by <span class=
Stonehenge, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I took this when we stopped at Stonehenge on our way down to Devon last month. Oh my goodness it was so cold that day. My feet were ice blocks but it would have been impossible not to stop and take some photos of this fascinating site - and I really do find it mesmerising. Even my three year old daughter thought it was amazing and surely to someone her age it should just be a pile of big stones.

The weather when we left home was nice and by the time we reached Devon it was all sunny again so it was a real shame that when we were here it decided to be very overcast and grey. I think I've managed to do OK with the colour on this though. The bad weather kind of makes it look a little more dramatic and mysterious.

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  1. I think the weather certainly helps make this picture - grey and overcast are fabulous conditions to create mood. Pity it wasn't foggy around the bottom of the stones, imagine what that would create!
    I'd love to go to Stonehenge one day. Great shot!


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