Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'breakfast' by C.Mariani

breakfast by C.Mariani ( mostly away )
breakfast, a photo by C.Mariani ( mostly away ) on Flickr.

So, did you have pancakes yesterday? We did and they were delicious! I love pancakes. I said to myself last night that I wasn't going to be obvious and post a pancake photo but I've since changed my mind as I've been thinking about them all day. Why oh why don't we have them more often? And you know what else I've realised - I don't think I've ever actually had them for breakfast. Now there's something to think about.

So here it is - a lovely pancake photo. I think this is composed really well and I love the idea of the eggs resting in the bowl of flour. And you know what I love the most? The plate and the bowl. Got to get me some red spotty crockery now!


  1. Oh it all looks so pretty and I really like those red bowls also!!

  2. Thanks !!! you are so kind :-)
    best regards


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