Saturday, 4 February 2012

'Winter Benches!' by judo_dad1953

Winter Benches! by judo_dad1953
Winter Benches!, a photo by judo_dad1953 on Flickr.

Well, the weather forecast was correct and the snow is here! It's been snowing for a couple of hours now and although it's not coming down heavily I reckon there'll be a nice enough amount fallen by morning for my daughter to play in. The snow couldn't have come at a better time to be honest as we have absolutely no plans this weekend. Therefore tomorrow we can go out and have a play in the snow then come in and spend the rest of the say snuggled up with hot chocolate and DVDs. And by DVDs I mean The Chipmunks on repeat at that's what my daughter is obsessed by at the moment! I hope if you have snow you have a really fun snow day tomorrow and it doesn't cause you too much distruption.

This photo made me smile as I'm not imagining the snow here will get this deep. It does make me want to just dive in though never mind how cold it would be. Love the black and white, and the fact that this was taken at night makes it even more moody. Fingers crossed there'll be loads more lovely snowy photographs taken over the next few days that I can enjoy looking at and hopefully a I'll get to take a couple myself.


  1. Snow with no footprints is a great sight. Enjoy your snow tomorrow. Sam x

  2. I love fresh snow with no footprints. Almost makes me not want to walk in it and spoil it but I know if I don't someone else will!


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