Saturday, 20 February 2010

'sweets' by alice b. gardens

sweets, originally uploaded by alice b. gardens.

Go on, be naughty, it is the weekend after all. I think I am just looking for a partner in sweet stuff crime as I've just realised I have scoffed a whole bag of cola bottle sweets. Ooops! I'd been eating marshmallows before that. It's all my husband's fault for leaving them on the table next to me. He knows I have no will power! Oh well, didn't I hear something about there being no calories at the weekend.

I love this picture because it's yummy cakes in pretty pink cases! And I also love the fact that it's been taken, or looks like it's been taken, through a shop window. It makes the cakes seem even more exciting. I never realised you could capture temptation in a photo but it's been done here.


  1. These cupcakes do look latest temptation is sugar cookies...yum!

  2. Very I may have to go and make some cakes! ;0)


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