Friday, 5 February 2010

'Another Tulip Shot' by Andrea McClain

Another Tulip Shot, originally uploaded by Andrea McClain.

OK so this is going to sound a bit mad but didn't tulips used to be red? For some reason when I was a little girl I only remember seeing red tulips (and yellow ones occasionally). These days tulips are all colours of the rainbow. And all the better for it! Now I have to decide whether I led a very sheltered childhood when it came to flower colours or whether I have a selective floral memory or whether tulips really were just red back in the day.

It was really hard picking a tulip photo to go with my random musings on the flower. I went for this one though because it's a little bit different from all the rest. Mostly flowers are photographed in vases or really close up or sometime just a bunch lying on a table. But this is the only bunch of tulips I saw in a box. It works well though! And I love the colour combination. The bright pink and bright green are very striking together. Tulips are great whatever colour they are!


  1. Beautiful. I think they were red and yellow and now we use all sort of scary hybrid sort of stuff to grow them in every conceivable colour, But like you I love them, so can overlook weird science!

  2. Thanks It's a Mummys Life. Perhaps I'm not going mad after all!

  3. They're all colours and shapes and sizes now! Just like It's a Mummy's Life says. I've still got some to plant which I didn't get round to doing last autmumn and they're growing in their packet! Lovely photos on your site. Looking at tulips on a cold winter's day is great.


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