Saturday, 23 January 2010

'Cream tea' by Me

Cream tea, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

The thing about having a photographer's mind is that you are constantly looking at everything and sizing it up as a potential photo. Viewfinder eyes if you will. Now I am most definitely just an amateur but I still can't help seeing photographs in everything, even the most mundane stuff.

Anyway, this photo is an example of one of those time when I said "stop everything - no one eats a thing until I take a photo of this!" I am really pleased with the composition. And it looks really tasty. Only thing that disappoints me is that I left my handbag on the table so you can see it reflected in the teapot. Luckily it doesn't stand out too much so I don't think it spoils the picture.

And for anyone interested, this was taken at the cafe in Nymans in West Sussex.

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