Sunday, 24 January 2010

'Beach huts in the snow' by Jim.....

Beach huts in the snow, originally uploaded by Jim......

Have I mentioned yet how much I love beach huts? Well I do, I think they are just fantastic and I want one (in Hove if possible)! But failing that I am just going to make sure I look at lots of pretty pictures of them and when possible take many pictures of them. Unfortunately I've not taken too many myself but I envisage a summer travelling round Britain's beach hutted beaches snapping away!

I am sure I'll feature lots of other people's beach hut photos on here but here's a seasonal one to kick off with. It just goes to show that even in winter you can take awesome beach hut photos. I love the colours in the one and I think the snow actually makes them look even prettier.


  1. Hi,

    This reminded me of Hansel And Gretel's sugar coated house. They really are smashing huts winter and summer.

  2. I love beach huts too! And they are even beautiful covered in snow.


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