Friday, 22 January 2010

'Self help' by Ouissi

"Self help" 010/365 * 10 01 2010, originally uploaded by Ouissi.

Yesterday I promised I'd show you a photo of books. Books actually make a fascinating subject so I will definitely be featuring them a lot more but here is my pick for today.

I chose it because I felt it was in keeping of the style of yesterday's photo, ie, the gorgeous soft tones. I also just love the texture that was used in this image. It really suits the photo. I'll also admit that when I first saw this photo I was so fascinated by the books that I didn't notice the person sitting in the background. The pose of the person makes it look like they are debating whether they need to read one of these books.

A lot of thought obviously went into this. And all the work definitely paid off.

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