Tuesday, 14 January 2014

'130122-0903.jpg' by liamgrantfoto

130122-0903.jpg by liamgrantfoto
130122-0903.jpg, a photo by liamgrantfoto on Flickr.

It's half way through January and as yet there has been no snow this winter. I am starting to wonder whether it'll come at all. I am not overly fussed I must admit. I do love that first day of snow when it's all exciting but after that it just frustrates me. However, I think I would like it to snow just a little, firstly because I have been super organised this winter and bought appropriate snow boots for the kids. And secondly I can't wait to see what my little boy makes of snow as he was too young last year to really play in it. And of course there are snow photos to be taken. I love this beach hut one because it's so interesting seeing something that is usually photographed in the sun in a completely different environment. Also I love that the image is basically white with just a little bit of pastel colour.

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