Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'2/365 Scooter' by Shelba

2/365  Scooter by Shelba
2/365 Scooter, a photo by Shelba on Flickr.
Yesterday I saw the most brilliant thing - a mum on the school run taking a scooter for her child to scoot home on. Nothing particularly unusual or brilliant about that you might think but instead of struggling to carry it (we've all been there) she simply rode it down the road herself. How fantastic and care free - I love it! We should all take a leaf out of her book and refuse to grow up!

I looked for a scooter photo to go with this post and this was my favourite and you can guess why. Yes, that's right I love the bright colours! The point of view and light are also pretty special. And I'd better not show this picture to my daughter or she's sure to want a scooter like this. Hers is pink but sadly there's no Barbie on it!

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