Friday, 12 October 2012

'Untitled' by Nicholas H

Untitled by Nicholas  H
Untitled, a photo by Nicholas H on Flickr.
Well it turns out that my week of being unsociable didn't do me much good after all. I just ended up feeling stressed and a bit lonely! This meant that when a friend called to ask if I wanted to meet for a quick after school coffee this afternoon I couldn't get out the house quick enough! It's confirmed to me how much I appreciate my friends, especially the mummy ones. It's great being able to talk about all the silly things you've been fretting about. I am so lucky to have such a good group of freinds with children the same age as my little ones.

In other news - tonight is my little boy's first night in his own room and I must admit I'm a little bit sad. Going to miss him at the end of our bed.

Here's a lovely photo to kick off the weekend with. Love the retro colours and the chilled out vibe. And I love the hat!

Happy weekend everyone!

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