Sunday, 22 July 2012

'Strawberry picking' by Me

Strawberry picking by PhotoPuddle
Strawberry picking, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.
Today has been a really fun and productive day. We repainted a radiator that was in dire need of some TLC and we mended the roof of the shed. By 'we' I of course mean my husband! I wouldn't know how to fix a shed! We also accomplished a lot at the shops when we bought lots of stuff we'd been needing to get for ages and also helped out a friend by getting something for her too. And if that wasn't enough we also managed to squeeze in a trip out strawberry picking which was a great suggestion by my daughter. We finished the day with a sneaky barbecue. Nothing fancy, just a few burgers and sausages, but that's the best bit of a barbecue anyway. And what made the day extra special was the fact that it was actually hot and sunny. Summer is finally here at last. I hope you've had a lovely day too.

And I know I promised you macro flowers tonight. They are on their way honestly but it just made more sense to show you a photograph from today. Here is my daughter in a strawberry field. I think it's a lovely, summery, chilled out picture.

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