Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Cirque du Ciel' by Michelle in Ireland

Cirque du Ciel by Michelle in Ireland
Cirque du Ciel, a photo by Michelle in Ireland on Flickr.
We've spent rather a lot of this weekend in a tent. You may think that means we've been camping but that's not the case. While I was out for a couple of hours on Saturday my husband constructed a rather elaborate tent out of sheets and dining chairs. It filled up most of living room and our living room isn't particularly small. My daughter loved it, my baby boy wasn't quite as impressed but it turned us grown ups into such big kids. There's something cool about sitting in a tent. I swear if I hadn't had to be upstairs and close to my son who's still sleeping in our room I would have slept in it. Sadly though the tent is no more. We decided that we probably did need our living room back. Oh well, perhaps we'll do it again next weekend!

I am showing you this photo tonight as it's tent related and it's rather fabulous simply because of the great shapes and bold colours. I love that the whole image is basically just made up of red, white and blue. It's so striking.

I hope you all had a fun weekend.

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  1. Oooooh a spot of tent building - you can't beat it! That sounds like awesome fun. I think if it's raining tomorrow tent building will be on our agenda.

    Pic is fab - the contrast of the bright colours is a winner too


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