Saturday, 7 July 2012

'his and hers' by kirstinmckee

his and hers by kirstinmckee
his and hers, a photo by kirstinmckee on Flickr.
Things are quite busy and also rather stressful at the moment so tonight I think I need to try and relax a little bit. I have wine, chocolate, a bath waiting to be filled with bubbles and a new glossy magazine. Fingers crossed I can get myself just a little bit chilled out. It does help that I've just had a really lovely day with my hubby and children. I really do have the best little family to hang out with.

I think this is a great weekendy photo. It looks like a nice quite afternoon in the pub and the photographer has captured a lovely warm atmosphere. I also love the focus in this - it really is all about the alcohol!

Hope you're having a nice relaxing weekend!


  1. *cheers* Sweetie... i'm loving a few vodkas & apple juice tonight. :-)

  2. Oooh perfect! What a super photo with such great focus. I had some chocolate and wine last night too - although another rough night...will fill you in over email x


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