Monday, 2 July 2012

'on the musical scrapheap' by fitzhughfella

on the musical scrapheap by fitzhughfella
on the musical scrapheap, a photo by fitzhughfella on Flickr.
This weekend we had a good old clear out at home. We were actually really ruthless and got rid of loads of clutter. One thing I came across was my big box of cassette tapes. I had a good old rummage through them and there was no way I was throwing any of them away. Far too many memories. And luckily we do still have a couple of tape players in the house so I can listen to them if I want. Likewise I know I will never get rid of my CDs even though music is all digital these days. I guess I just like having 'stuff' I can actually hold in my hand and have a good old browse through.

I love this cassette tape photo. It's great seeing all the different types of tapes. I think this picture looks especially retro because it was taken with a film camera. It's a toy camera called a Holga apparently which I am now slightly fascinated by!

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  1. One day I am planning a display wall of all of my old mix tapes. Love them!


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