Friday, 30 January 2015

'Snow Glow' by Jenny Karlsson

Snow Glow {Explored}
Photo credit: Jenny Karlsson on Flickr

So yesterday we finally had some snow. At about 5pm it fell for all of about 15 minutes but it was a proper mini blizzard and it even settled on the ground for while. As predicted my son was super excited and I couldn't drag him away from the window. He was annoyed I wouldn't let him go outside and also questioned whether snow meant Father Christmas was coming. But it's all gone now and no more is forecast. I am therefore hoping an early spring is round the corner but I have a feeling my hopes will be dashed.

This is a stunning snowy photo and it doesn't actually make me feel cold. That beautiful sunlight looks almost summery. In fact if the picture hadn't been called 'Snow Glow' I would have questioned whether that was actually a sandy beach.

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy the snow... if you have it!

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