Sunday, 11 January 2015

'Buen lugar para estar de paso' by Ignorant Walking

Buen lugar para estar de paso
Photo credit: Ignorant Walking on Flickr

I've been feeling really down this week as I've been too injured to run. It's amazing how much it means to me now. I missed my weekly Parkrun yesterday which made me sad but I did take myself out for a very short and slow run this morning which perked me up a little bit. Hopefully by next weekend I will be able to run further and for longer. Keep your fingers crossed for me. In the mean time I thought it would be a good idea to document here what I have achieved during my blogging break. Between September and December I was doing an organised run pretty much every weekend whether it be a race or just a Saturday morning Parkrun. I did an 8k race and a 10k race but what I was most proud of was the half marathon I completed. And it was a tough one. It was a unseasonably hot and sunny day and the the hills. Oh the hills. Still it didn't put me off, I am doing another half marathon in March. Just need to be running properly again soon so I can start training!

I shouldn't really have posted this gorgeous photo as it is just making me jealous! What a beautiful place and time of day for a run. I love all the silhouettes. And what keeps making me chuckle is that at first glance I always think that trees on the left of the photo are that person's big and crazy hair.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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