Monday, 8 April 2013

'IKEA Vases' by Katherine Lynn

IKEA Vases by katherine lynn
IKEA Vases, a photo by katherine lynn on Flickr.

Today we went to Ikea which always makes me smiley. I know to many it's a chore but for me, and lucky for my hubby as well, it's a day out. We didn't have much to pick up today, just a few bits and bobs but we still spent ages there. As usual I bought a huge pile of napkins. This evening I tidied what now appears to be the dedicated napkin cupboard. I think I have enough to last us a whole now. Well until we go to Ikea again anyway.

I didn't think a photo of a huge pile of napkins would be particularly interesting so here's a lovely picture of some Ikea vases. I love the beautiful softness of this. Perhaps I'll be picking up a few of these on our next visit too!

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