Wednesday, 17 April 2013

'108 | 365 fancy floss' by nanaCompany

108 | 365 fancy floss by nanaCompany
108 | 365 fancy floss, a photo by nanaCompany on Flickr.

I couldn't wait until my children went to bed tonight as I really wanted to have another little practice of my crochet. I am really loving it and my works looks pretty neat, I am just hoping I can start to do it a little bit quicker as time goes on. I would love to be able to knock up a granny square in just ten minutes! Also tonight I watched a sewing programme called "The Great British Sewing Bee" so I am feel quite crafty right now. Actually I am now wondering how quickly I can get off the computer and get back to my hook and yarn.

Let me just leave you with this lovely crafty photograph. These threads are obviously nothing to do with crochet but they are so pretty I still had to share. I love all these colours. If they were mine I'd just want to sit and look at them for hours!

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  1. Very pretty colours, do they have interesting names like lipsticks do?


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