Saturday, 20 April 2013

'London Calling' by colinfindlay

London Calling by colinfindlay
London Calling, a photo by colinfindlay on Flickr.

This time last week I was making my way home from a fabulous night out in London. I can't believe I didn't take single photo whilst I was there. Not even a quick snap on my mobile phone. I think this was probably due to the weather be so damm awful that day. I got seriously soaked and was less than impressed when the dye from the tote bag I was carrying transferred on to me new white handbag. Oh well who was I kidding buying white!

Anyway, as I didn't manage any photos here's a lovely photo that I saw and loved by someone else. I love how the photographer has managed to capture that wonderful early evening light. I would have loved this shot even without the person in it but it does make it more interesting. It of course makes me wonder who she is calling and what the evening has in store for her.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

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