Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'29 May 2011' by yesesintonoesandnoesintoyeses

I was chatting with a friend today who's just got back from a holiday in Tenerife. It got me thinking about how much I could do with a holiday right now. The trouble is the kind of holiday I need would involve literally lounging by the pool and doing nothing. Not sure that would be realistic though with two children in tow. Seriously considering a holiday here in England at some point of the next few months though even if it's just a chilled out long weekend in cute cottage somewhere. Any suggestions welcome.

This photo definitely fits in with the holiday theme. It sounds a bit geeky but I rather like photos of planes - well arty images like this anyway. I was instantly drawn to this one. I think it is so simple but like with many minimalitic images so striking. It's got a really dreamy feel to it which is totally mesmerising.

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