Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Mugs at the Eden Project Cafe' by ZedBee | Zoë Power

Today should have been a perfect summer day. The sun was shining and it was warm outside. When I went to the shops to buy lovely summery things like fruit and flowers I got stopped by lots of people - including the local vicar - to tell me how lovely my baby was. But I am feeling blue because my little boy is sick. Don't worry it's nothing serious. He's been checked by the doctor and it's just a common cold but I can't help feeling rubbish about it. I hate seeing him suffer when he's still so little. And I know it's irrational but I hate how I've not been able to protect and keep him safe from nasty germs.

Therefore I need a quick fix of a photo that made me smile today. This one is great. In my head I imagine it was taken at a cafe in New York. I don't know why. It was actually taken at a cafe at The Eden Project in Cornwall. I love the colours and the sparkle and whilst writing this I have actually smiled a little bit.


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