Thursday, 24 May 2012

'Tulips' by Hannah Klosowska

Tulips by Hanna Klosowska
Tulips, a photo by Hanna Klosowska on Flickr.
I am featuring this lovely tulip photo tonight as I'm unable to show you my own. I bought tulips for myself the other day and hoped I might photograph them - like I always do when I get flowers. Unfortunately I must have bought a bad bunch as they never reached their full potential and didn't end up being very photogenic. Perhaps, I should have seen that as a challenge but I thought it would be nicer to show you this great image. I love all the soft focus. I would say I love the colour but that's too obvious as tulips are beautiful whatever colour they come in. I do, however, like the angle this was taken at. It really shows off the flowers.


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