Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'Six66 Studio' by Tonya Hua

Six66 Studio
Photo credit: Tonya Hua on Flickr

I love decluttering and having a good clear out. It makes me feel refreshed, clensed and good about myself. However... I also like "stuff". I love shopping and I love having lots of things. So that's my problem. I like the idea of a minimalist and clutter free house but I don't seem to have another space to hide all my things.

This photo is great as it reminds me of how lovely a wardrobe is when it's not crammed with too many clothes. It would be nice to have a wardrobe with just a few well made items but in reality I want lots and lots of clothes to choose from when I get dressed in the morning. And it goes without saying that you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

This photo is also fascinating as I wonder where it was taken. I want to zoom out and see the rest of the room. At first I just presumed it was typical clothing rail but as I looked more I realised it appears to be some kind of pipe. Is it an actual pipe or just a funky looking clothes rail? I wonder.

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