Friday, 6 March 2015

'had an awesome birthday♥' by *tmk*

had an awesome birthday♥
Photo credit: *tmk* on Flickr

I know it's not offically spring for another couple of weeks but I have decided that season needs to start now. The sky has been blue for most of the week, there are spring flowers popping up all over the place, my daughter walked home from school today without her coat on and my son asked if we could have a picnic. It's still rather chilly but I did take my gloves off today and yesterday because my hands were too hot. The weather looks set to be lovely for the weekend too which is great as we are going to be celebrating my husband's birthday. It's always nice to have a bit of birthday sunshine.

And I chose this photo in honour of my hubby. I don't know if he will appreciate the pretty pastels and the delicate little candles but I think it is really lovely.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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