Saturday, 15 February 2014

'My Heart Shaped Rock Collection' by o8jo

My Heart Shaped Rock Collection by o8jo
My Heart Shaped Rock Collection, a photo by o8jo on Flickr.

I did my first training run for the Race for Life today and do you know what - I loved it. I only did a half an hour alternating between running and walking but I was so pleased with how I got on. I thought I would definitely be out of breath and most probably get a stitch too but but neither happened. As I can't see how I will get a chance to run during the week I am only going to train at the weekends. I can't wait to get out there again tomorrow!

Here is a photo I was planning on posting yesterday for Valentine's Day but didn't get a chance. I was too busy enjoying the first day of the holidays with my kids. We went out and bought a few little pressies for daddy and then went home to make some cards and do Valentine's crafts. Then in the evening hubby and I just settled down in front of the telly with some yummy food and wine.

So here are my belated Valentine's wishes to you. I hope you are enjoying a weekend full of love whether it be with your other half, your children or your friends and family.

Now please show some love for this really cute collection of pebbles. I always smile when I find a heart shaped stone on the beach. I wish I had kept them all now as it makes for such a lovely photograph.

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